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Message from the President | Continuing to Push the Envelope Using Our Extensive Experience and Expertise

Since our founding in 1949, we have held true to our motto of being “Honest and Steady,” working behind the scenes to support the development of Japanese industry. We have continued to provide automotive parts and other products, striving to “deliver a price and quality that exceeds the customer's expectations.” We mainly manufacture shims, spacers (specializing in shims and Lankshims that require micron level control), springs and control boxes. We followed ISO/TS16949 (the standard of the automobile sector) until this year, upon which we switched to ISO 9001:2015, a highly adaptable standard that can be applied to all industries in order to ensure quality control is carried out according to an ISO standard that is respected in all fields, and we are engaging in sales activities with the goal of receiving orders from other related industries.

Due to the shrinking domestic market and the growth and intensity of international competition, businesses today must offer global support and capabilities. We established a new location in Thailand in 2013 and shall continue to support all the needs of our customers while always striving for higher quality. We value the partnership we have with our existing customers and shall strive to develop new customers in international markets by establishing a supply system overseas and using new locations to support this endeavor.

We value “enthusiastic and capable personnel” and consider said “human resources” as company assets. As a result, we dedicate ourselves to developing our personnel so that they act as the driving force and initiating agents to propel our company forward. We hired several MBA graduates to develop and implement a unique manager's training program. We believe that developing an employee's skills means that the company will also improve. Therefore, we have a system in place to completely support all employees who wish to advance their education, expertise and skill set.

We believe that the “our company manufactures a part that makes the car or machine operate, and therefore, a business represents a part or spoke in the wheel that makes society operate. As a result, regardless of how small the part is, the larger system cannot operate if each part does not work properly.” Given that our product represents our company, we shall continue and strive to be diligent and honest in every task and job. In addition, we shall also push forward even harder in our environmental activities in order to remain true to our responsibilities as a “member of society.” (We were recognized for our environmentally-friendly policy and awarded the “City of Nagoya Green Business Distinction” in 2012.)

Although we are experiencing extremely hard times in the Japanese manufacturing industry, we shall continue to work hard as one unit to make strides together. And, we hope to have your continued understanding and support in the future as well.

Nagoya Hatsujo Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Yoshifumi Miwa

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