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Extensive Equipment Setup

We integrate manufacturing equipment that streamlines the processes and devices, such as using our table spot welder for the arc working plane or setting up our parts feeder and welding work in a single production line. This type of equipment helps reduce work costs and enables us to manufacture parts efficiently while maintaining premium quality.

Type of machine Manufacturer Type/Model Qty.
Press Aida Engineering, Ltd. 150 ton 2
Press Aida Engineering, Ltd. 110 ton 1
Press Amada and Komatsu 80 ton 2
Press Amada Co., Ltd. 60 ton 1
Press Amada and Komatsu 45 ton 3
Press Amada Co., Ltd. 25 ton 3
Brake press Amada Co., Ltd. 50 ton 2
Brake press Amada Co., Ltd. 30 ton 1
Double Disc Surface Grinding Machine Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd. KVD580C 1
Double Disc Surface Grinding Machine Daisho Seiki Corporation CRV-450C 2
Turret punch Amada Co., Ltd. P305072 1
Punch press Masuoka Co., Ltd. MASP019 1
Spot welding Kimura Denyoki, Ltd. SW-605/SW-508-A 5
Flat buffing Ishiihyoki Co., Ltd. MR00012654B1A 1
Flat buffing Ishiihyoki Co., Ltd. U-040143 1
Flow type barrel Sintobrator Co., Ltd. DSV-4000 1
Vibrating barrel Tipton Corp. CCL-200 1
Rotary barrel Tipton Corp. TFO-K/R9-150 2
High speed barrel Tipton Corp. HS-R801BH 2
Roll flow Sintobrator Co., Ltd. EVF-04 2
Wastewater treatment system Sintobrator Co., Ltd. DUP-05AC 1
Spin drier Hirosekogyo Co., Ltd. NOF-45 2
Drier Sintobrator Co., Ltd. MD-07 3
Washing machine Kataoka Corporation SPC-203-B 1
Corner shearing machine Amada Co., Ltd. CSW-226 1
Shearing press Komatsu Ltd. 10GMF010B 1
Wire cutting machine Mitsubishi Electric Corporation - 2
Electric furnace Gasden Ro Co. Ltd. - 1
Machining center DMG Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. MV-55 1
Semiautomatic coiling machine Taihei Machinery Works, Ltd. D13-02-46 1
Spring lathe Tanaka Industry Co., Ltd. - 1
Platter Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift Co., Ltd. - 4
CAD system C.E EXCESS 1
3D CAD system D.S CATIA V5 1
CAM system Amada Co., Ltd. AP100 1
3D measuring machine Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd. - 1

Examples of Main Equipment


Table spot welder

Robot welder

Barrel Finishing Machines

Roll Flow type barrel finishing machine

High speed rotary barrel finishing machine

Buffing machines

Flat buff polishing machine (Flow type)

Flat buffing (2-axis automatic)

Flat buffing (internal buffing)

Flat buffing (input roller section)

Double Disc Surface Grinding Machines

Double disc surface grinding machine

Double disc grinding machine with automatic feeder

Press Machines

Turret punch

150 ton press

Punch press

50 ton brake press

Other Equipment

Material feeder (Rack type)


Automatic washer (Shower type)

Barrel wastewater treatment system

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