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ISO Compliance and Environmental Policy | Responsibility for Manufacturing Processes with Focus on High Quality

ISO Compliance

Environmental Management System Standard

We believe that production activities that disregard the environment cannot carry on, and as a result, we work together with all employees as a team and are committed to a policy that improves the environment for areas that concern our production activities. In addition, we shall continue our policy that prioritizes and encourages a positive relationship with our local community.

  • Environmental management system standard ISO 14001
  • Certified in: June 2002
  • Certifying body: Japan Quality Assurance Organization
  • Certificate number: JQA-EM7345

Quality Management System Standard

Concerning our policy toward quality, we strive to provide premium quality products that are reliable and to meet the requirements and expectations of the customer.

  • Quality management system standard ISO 9001
  • Certified in: December 2002
  • Certifying body: Japan Quality Assurance Organization
  • Certificate number: JQA-QMA15611

Environmental Policy

As modern society continues to make rapid advances and diversify, we too must have an accurate understanding of those needs and provide flexible support. An environmental policy is now the norm, and it has become necessary to revise this policy so it encourages company development and acts as a guide to help us advance toward the future. As a result, we have made revisions following the “consensus of all employees” (using the same consensus method as when this policy was first established) which includes newly hired employees. Our environmental policy is outlined in the items below.

  1. (1) As part of our work in manufacturing metal products, we shall promote resource conservation and energy savings, and we shall reduce waste, actively engage in preventing contamination and strive to improve our activities to protect the environment.
  2. (2) We shall value our coexistence as well as encourage a positive relationship with our local community. We shall not only strive to reduce our impact on the environment but actively improve it.
  3. (3) We shall comply with all related environmental laws, regulations and agreements.
  4. (4) We shall set and work towards environmental targets and objectives to promote environmental activities. In addition, we shall make revisions periodically and carry out continuous improvements.
  5. (5) We shall set up and maintain an environmental management system in order to carry out this policy. We shall also keep all employees and business partners informed about this policy as well as strive to promote and raise environmental awareness.
  6. (6) We shall carry out internal audits in order to confirm the system operation and achievement. In addition, we shall carry out audits by third party organizations in order to ensure the validity of the corresponding systems.
  7. (7) We shall document our environmental policy and disclose it when requested to by an outside party.
  • Environmental Policy January 29, 2013
  • Nagoya Hatsujo Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Yoshifumi Miwa, President
Environmental Reports
Environmental report FY2016 (PDF6.7MB)
Environmental report FY2015 (PDF1.4MB)
Environmental report FY2013 (PDF26.6MB)
Environmental report FY2012 (PDF3.9MB)

Involvement with Local Environment

As part of our environmental policy that concerns the local community, we have established two important policy measures: “We shall not cause any environmental problems in the community” and “We shall actively engage in activities to protect the environment.” We participate in cleanup projects and beautification programs as part of our activities to protect the environment. In addition, we shall not only monitor the environment but continue to always be an environmentally-friendly business.

200 KW Solar Power Installation (Meihatsu Inabe Power Plant)
The safety of nuclear power has been a concern since the Great East Japan Earthquake, and as a result, natural energy solutions and measures supported by the government are gaining momentum. As part of those solutions and measures, a system to sell or buy back the electrical power has been set up, and each company is becoming involved in the mega solar business.

We shall use undeveloped land and get involved in this solar power business as much as we can. We set up approximately 6,611 square meters of solar panels in an area of approximately 13,223 square meters at a factory lot (Toin-cho, Inabe-gun, Mie prefecture) and completed the “Meihatsu Inabe Power Plant” in March 2013. This area was used as a public, recreational space (gateball) for the local community up until now. Even after setting up the “Meihatsu Inabe Power Plant” installation, we set up the space so it can still be used. Going forward, we shall continue to value and encourage interaction with the local community as well as engage in environmental activities.