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Product Lineup | Supporting Industry with Vital Products

We believe the products that we manufacture and deliver are “vital” in supporting all types of industry. With a company history of more than 60 years, we have not only acquired experience but developed unique technology. In addition, our technicians and engineers are passionate about developing and manufacturing in the “NHK Way,” which goes beyond standard manufacturing technology, enabling us to provide products that are “vital” in supporting your industry needs.
We deal with shims, spacers and various industrial products, from automotive parts to light electrical products, which require both high level safety and functionality. Our wealth of experience in manufacturing, not only standard products but special customized products, enables us to also make suggestions for product configurations that meet the customers' needs.

Pressed Parts

We manufacture precision press parts from thin sheets using turret punches and various press machines ranging from 25 ton to 150 ton machines. In addition to shims, spacers, clips, clamps and other parts, our thin sheet press technology also enables us to manufacture control box parts.

Shims and Spacers
We have a wealth of experience in making shims and spacers for engines, transmissions and compressors. We also support requests for universal parts (which can be added or removed to fit various dimensions) in thicknesses of 6 μ increments. Our barrel finishing technology is excellent at eliminating press burrs.
Pressed Sheet Metal Parts
We have a wealth of experience working with a number of different products. We can also support requests for coating, plating and workpieces that require boring a number of holes (φ0.8).
Clips and Clamps
We supply a variety of products. Resin coating is also available.
Control Boxes
We work with all types of steel sheets and offer an integrated production system that covers the turret punch process up to spot welding. Support for coating requests is also available. We can handle workpiece sizes up to approximately: 1 m x 1 m.


Using our extensive experience and expertise, we offer a complete and on-time production solution that includes design, trial manufacturing and mass production for coil, flat and other types of spring.

Coil Springs
Manufacturing support is available for compression, tension, torsion as well as other types of springs. We also offer surface treatment, load calculation and product life calculation in order to meet the customer's needs.